Nicholas lawson

commented on CONTACT US 2017-08-13 20:16:18 -0400
Hey girls. Firstly thankyou for the work you do. Secondly my number is +61 452 144 855. I am running from south to north lf Africa on Feb 13, taking a year to do it, but going global. Getting someone from every country on earth to join me and raise money for their country and for aunthetic charities. I’ve contacted celebrities and influential people on and off line. We are close to getting a bite and this rolling big time. I want to bring awareness and have conversations on film or video with you about what you are doing. The concept is I am running the trip solo but will never be alone because people will join me along the way. And it will go viral to the whole world. I love what you are doing. What I am trying to achieve here is to spark a flame inside of the hearts of people who want to do things like you and I are doing. This will be massive. When you feel like having a chat and or meeting up, please call me.

Thankyou girls. Much love xxx