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Join E.P.I.C. (Everyday People Initiating Change)

What began as a non-profit organization, has now become one of the most important movements of our time. E.P.I.C. hopes to make people aware of how easy it is to contribute positively to our world. It all begins with the commitment to living a conscious life, and the acceptance of the responsibility to spread this state of consciousness to everyone that we possibly can. We challenge you to walk through life with eyes wide open. We challenge you to focus all of your actions in a positive direction. We challenge you to pass this positive energy on to anyone who enters into your life, with the knowledge that it will return to you even stronger than it was when you made the decision to share.

Each of our actions play a part in changing the world, for the better or the worse, and now is the time for us to choose what role we want to play. WHAT DID YOU DO TODAY? 

Start by joining the movement!

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Let us know how you would like to help with E.P.I.C.  Some ideas are listed below, but feel free to come up with something of your own too! 


You can donate right here on our website by clicking on this link: DONATE NOW


Get your family and friends interested in the cause and ask them to make donations on our website (www.epicthemovement.org)

Start your own chapter of E.P.I.C. and throw a small fundraiser of your own. A few ideas for that could be:

  • A movie/game night (invite people over to watch a movie/play board games, but ask them to bring a contribution).
  • A night out (invite people to a local bar/lounge, and ask them if you can raise money for the cause at the door - $20 suggested donation).
  • Set up a fundraising table at your school/college (we can provide you with T-shirts and dog tags to sell if you would like).


  • Help us out with fundraisers, emails, mail-outs, awareness campaigns, E.P.I.C. chapters at your schools, etc.
  • Offer whatever skills you have that may be useful to us, such as web design, video editing, social networking, community building, etc.