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WALK FOR WATER 100% inspired by E.P.I.C

Inspired by E.P.I.C, we wanted to challenge our community to  reconsider the role of water in their lives.  We organized a community wide event involving an elementary school classroom and community leaders.  The best part was having Alexi share what she observed in Africa and the harsh conditions that children encounter in order to access clean water. To simulate the experience of thousands of children in Africa and throughout the world, we had the students and adults carrying buckets of water  around the school yard.  It was hard, fun and hopefully got everyone to think about the ramifications of wasteful water use.  We hope that this lesson and outreach will encourage students to talk to their families about conserving water at home.  Thank you E.P.I.C for inspiring us to make a difference!  Katerina Clavijo

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My partner recently received a huge donation of toys from a local radio station for a childrens christmas party even she organised. Our living room was literally swimming in brand new toys and after the even we had loads of bags full to the brim so we decided to donate to the hospital a few hours ago. I might check back in on boxing day to maybe see how some of the children responded to the suprise gifts! I gave to admit I do not celebrate or subscribe to the tradition of christmas, i stopped doing so another of years ago after going into the true history of its origins (gruesome stuff!), however, this was an excuse to a lovely deed for myself and others haha. PEACE!

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