Bibi and Babu Mkini

Bibi and Babu first welcomed Tennille and Alexi into their home in 2006, but they are often visited by people all around the world. Their welcoming and generous hearts make everyone feel completely at home soon after arriving in Tanzania, and Bibi's delicious cooking makes the adjustment to the African way of life much easier than expected.


Amani Kidava

Amani works within his community in Kawe, Tanzania, and hopes to one day have enough money to be able to go to university to study computer science. He loves working with children, and volunteers his time teaching orphans in the community gymnastics and songwriting. He is also a boxer, and used to teach the special needs program at Kawe Primary School. Since meeting Tennille and Alexi on their first trip out to Tanzania, Amani has been working with E.P.I.C. He does everything from translating, to operating the cameras, to scouting out new locations for drilling, as well as follow-up on sustainability aspects of each project.




Irene Mkini

Irene graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from Tumaini University, Tanzania, and she holds a Masters degree of Development Studies, majoring in Women and Gender Development from The Institute of Social Studies, in the Hague, The Netherlands. Irene has a deep understanding of different cultures around the world, especially with regard to women. She is taught a Women's Studies program at the university of Tumaini, and has provided valuable advice concerning the education of the women in each village, during E.P.I.C.'s Hygiene and Sanitation Program.


Johnson Mkini

Johnson has always felt a calling to better the lives of people who are willing and able to help and develop themselves. He has worked hand in hand with Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC), widowers, people with HIV/AIDS, street children, and has educated people on health, and helped provide access to safe, clean water. Currently Johnson is working with Iringa International School as a Community Service Coordinator & Boarding Parent.  He also volunteers in the Tuwafikie Tanzania Organization, facilitating the provision and development of education to children, young people and the rural society in general, encouraging them to achieve an education that will inspire creativity and independence.


Patrick Matandala

From an early age, Patrick believed that he had the responsibility of making a positive change in his community. He has been working hard to see a bright Tanzania in different sectors, like solid waste management, youth entrepreneurship, health, and access to safe, clean water. Currently Patrick is working with Swisscontact Tanzania, an organization aiming at creating economic opportunities to young Tanzanians. In 2012, Patrick says his life changed after meeting Tennille, Alexi, and the E.P.I.C. volunteers. The attitude and motivation from the E.P.I.C team sped up the spirit of initiating change in the Tanzanian community. Being a part of the E.P.I.C team, Patrick strives to see a better Tanzania where everybody has access to safe, clean water.



Anthony Finley

Anthony is an avid traveler that loves to experience different cultures, and meet new people through his travels. He always had dreams of going to Africa, but never wanted to go for vacation, so the opportunity to go to Tanzania with E.P.I.C. was something that he felt he could not pass up. Anthony says that his trip to Tanzania was a life changing experience. He was able to immerse himself in the Tanzanian way of life, which was very humbling and eye-opening. Seeing firsthand how something as simple as water can change the lives of people is something Anthony says he will never forget, nor take for granted. He is forever grateful to have been able to provide the gift of clean water to the people of Tanzania, and he looks forward to doing it again in the immediate future. 



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