Is it true that Quiksilver chose E.P.I.C. to benefit from their Give Back Program?


Yes, at the beginning of 2008, Quiksilver was on the search for the non-profit organization that would benefit from their Give Back Program, in conjunction with their brand new Women's Line. After looking into a number of different organizations, Quiksilver decided that E.P.I.C. was a perfect match for them! Starting with their Holiday Line in 2008, 3% of all profits received from the eco-friendly clothing on the women's line went directly to E.P.I.C.'s Ripple Project! A member of the Quiksilver team also traveled to Tanzania with Tennille and Alexi in 2009 to experience the hardships faced by people in the developing world for themselves!  We were happy to partner with Quiksilver for five years, but due to the elimination of the Women's Line, the partnership unfortunately had to come to an end.  We are looking forward to building partnerships with other brands in the near future though, and are very thankful to Quiksilver for all the awareness they brought to E.P.I.C.

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