By donating $25 or more to E.P.I.C., you will receive one of our signature dog tags, displaying our slogan "WHAT DID YOU DO TODAY?" By wearing the dog tag, you are reminded of the ability to contribute positively to the world every single day. At the same time, it is symbolic of the fact that you have been "tagged," meaning that you are encouraged to go on and inspire someone else in whatever way you feel motivated to do so. This is how we hope to spread our enlivening message of consciousness to all who it will reach. We thank you for what you did today!


Our E.P.I.C. "JOSEPH" T-shirts were designed by Justin Bauer (designer for the Quiksilver Men's line), and they feature the face of one of the kids we met on our first trip to Tanzania. His face is merged with the map of Africa, and the shirt is filled with inspiring words. We have different styles available for donations of $50 or more. Make sure to tell us what size you want, and what style (mens/womens cap-sleeve/womens tank).
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