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Each year, E.P.I.C. brings a small group of volunteers to Tanzania to teach them the importance of the work being done there.  The volunteers walk to collect water from a local water source, and carry buckets of water on their heads to understand what women and children have to do every single day.  They visit the villages where E.P.I.C. has already provided clean water wells, and help with the Hygiene and Sanitation Education programs.  Volunteers stay in villages with local families, eat local food, and are fully submerged into local village life (such as taking bucket showers to get clean). Volunteers are also given the opportunity to see the more touristy parts of Tanzania after helping with the E.P.I.C. work. Previous trips have included safaris, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, visiting Tanzania's beautiful beaches, day trips to the local Carvers' Market for souvenirs, and traveling to Zanzibar. If you are interested in volunteering with E.P.I.C., please send us your information here.

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