What if I want E.P.I.C. to come speak at my school, college or youth group?


Through our Active Awareness Program, we travel to different schools, and share our experiences in Tanzania with each class, encouraging the students to recognize the advantages of their own circumstances, and to look further into ways that they can contribute to either E.P.I.C., or any other cause that personally speaks to them and promotes positive change. Actual video footage from our trips made to Tanzania is shown at the schools, as well as the floor being opened up to any questions that the students may have. Some of the schools that have already welcomed and housed these talks are, Pepperdine University (Malibu, California), Hunter College CUNY (New York), Vineland Elementary, and Margate Middle School (both in New Jersey). We also plan on working with as many high schools as possible nation-wide in the near future.

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