What makes E.P.I.C. different from a lot of the other existing organizations supplying clean water to the developing world already?


Instead of merely assuming the needs of a community, E.P.I.C. employs a hands-on approach by spending time within each village and discussing the best methods of water aid with the people, before implementing each well. This encourages community involvement, and promotes sustainability, since the local people are more likely to participate in the maintenance of the well if they are involved in the process of planning, installation, and proper upkeep. E.P.I.C. also stays on top of the current trends in the water industry by constantly applying new, reliable, sustainable and cost effective methods to its Ripple Project. Wherever possible E.P.I.C. employs local people to install and maintain the wells being provided. This allows E.P.I.C. to install more wells by keeping the costs low and also contributes to the local economy, and sustainability of the wells, due to local training and involvement. Rather than simply selecting a location, drilling a well, and leaving the location, E.P.I.C. ensures that an extensive amount of follow-up is done in each community. This guarantees the best use, proper maintenance and sustainability of each well. By educating the people about things such as proper hygiene and sanitation methods, and clean, safe collection and storage of the water, E.P.I.C. not only provides the necessary access to clean water, but makes certain the proper use and handling of the water as well. Through constant research, E.P.I.C. stays ahead of the environmental changes that are likely to affect the world's water sources, which could interfere with the installation of clean water wells, if not properly addressed. E.P.I.C. uses environmentally friendly means to install all wells, so as not to contribute to the dangerous amount of environmental degradation happening throughout the world today. Most importantly, E.P.I.C. maintains a grass-roots foundation by approaching every endeavor in a personal and empathetic way. 

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