Where does the money donated to E.P.I.C. go?


100% of the money donated to E.P.I.C. goes directly to the drilling of clean water wells, and the development of the villages where the wells have been drilled.  Since all of the administrative costs and travel expenses for numerous events raising awareness about what E.P.I.C. is doing have been funded using personal expenses so far, E.P.I.C. is relying on corporate sponsorship and partnerships with larger companies in order to ensure that 100% of the donations received will continue to reach those who are in most need of it. If your company is interested in making financial and/or physical donations to E.P.I.C., or if you have any information about grants that we may be eligible for, please contact us at [email protected] All of the projects that are taken on by E.P.I.C. are made possible because of people like you, people who are inspired to do something epic, and for that, we are extremely grateful. 

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