Why is E.P.I.C.'s first project focused on Africa when there are so many problems facing people here in America?


We are constantly made aware of the pain and suffering troubling the people around us every day, but after experiencing the lives of the poverty stricken people in Africa, and actually living in developing world conditions ourselves, we felt it necessary to work towards balancing the tremendous inequalities that exist within the world today. E.P.I.C. idealistically envisions a world where we can all come together as one, regardless of whether we are a part of the same neighborhood, or global community. Every vision has to start somewhere however, and due to some of our own personal experiences, we felt a calling to start with the people of Tanzania, branching outward and onward as E.P.I.C. expands. It may be that you feel a calling to adopt the spirit of E.P.I.C. while working within your personal surroundings, and this is something that we would definitely encourage, as the movement of E.P.I.C. is something that we hope will eventually be a part of everyone's lives, regardless of race, age, sex, class or creed.To find out more about our personal experiences in Africa, visit the Founders section on our website.

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