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Type of Well: Borehole with Indian Mark II Hand Pump

Approximate Number of People Served: 600

Location: Arusha Njiro, Tanzania, Africa

Date of Construction: August, 2010

Total Depth: 80 Meters 

Cost: $14,000

Drilling Company Used: Maswi Drilling Company LTD

Water Condition Before And After the Well: There was no access to clean water before the E.P.I.C. borehole well was drilled. We provided the well at a primary school, and it is currently serving the students and teachers there, as well as a local nursery school and Montessori college. They are using the water to irrigate a small garden at the school too. Due to the long distance from the location of most of our other wells, we have not been able to meet with the community in a few years, but we hear that they are extremely thankful for the access to clean water.


100% of all donations go towards clean water wells and community development.

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