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Type of Well: Borehole with an Indian Mark II Hand Pump

Approximate Number of People Served: 1500 

Location: Weru, Tanzania, Africa

Date of Completion: December 2nd, 2011

Total Depth: 80 Meters

Cost: $12,000 USD

Drilling Company Used: Drilling and Dam Construction Agency/ASETS

Water Condition Before the Well: The Primary School in Weru is a beautiful property, and was donated to the community by German philanthropists decades ago, but the community never had access to clean water. They were collecting their water for all of their needs (including drinking) from a small pond that is contaminated with insects, frogs, and animal feces. 

Water Condition After the Well: The improvement in the children has been incredible. On our first visit, they were extremely shy, and many were wearing dirty school uniforms, and were suffering from water borne diseases. Now, every time we come back, we are seen as "rafiki" (friends), as opposed to "wazungu" (foreigners). We have developed a great relationship with the children, encouraging play, as well as hard work, and belief in themselves and their dreams.


We have seen a couple of headmasters come and go in Weru (it is very far from any other village, so it's difficult to get to), but each of the headmasters and teachers that we meet have embraced us with open arms, and encouraged the children to take proper care of the well.

The school grounds have been flourishing since our first visit, as the teachers and students have been growing their own crops in gardens around the school, and the existing trees are getting enough water to thrive. 


100% of all donations go towards clean water wells and community development.

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