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Type of Well: Borehole with an Indian Mark II Hand Pump

Approximate Number of People Served: 2000

Location: Kitapilimwa, Tanzania, Africa

Date of Completion: September 20th, 2014

Total Depth: 115 meters

Cost: $14,000

Drilling Company Used: Drilling and Dam Construction Agency/ASETS

Water Condition Before And After the Well: Before the well, people in the village used to collect water from a nearby stream that was filled with frogs, and animal feces. There was a really big problem with alcoholism in the community, and a lot of people were suffering from water-borne diseases.

After the well, E.P.I.C. has developed a really great relationship with the community, and the Headmaster of the local school. We visit frequently and have plans to support with further community development.

This well is dedicated to the late Jordan Gerber, in honor of all of his support for E.P.I.C. while he was alive.

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