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Type of Well: Borehole with an electric pump.

In Partnership with: HOPe

Approximate Number of People Served: 3000

Location: Kitayawa, Tanzania, Africa

Date of Construction: August 2015

Total Depth:


Drilling Company Used: Frederick Hydro Rocks

Water Condition Before And After the Well: Before the well, people in the community collected water from a polluted river that was a very far distance from the majority of the households in the village. We drilled the well at the Kitayawa Primary School, and this project is one that we are most proud of to date!

Since the school had electricity, we were able to install an electric pump into the well, and pump water to pipes in different parts of the village. The main water tank is located at the Primary School, but there are multiple pipes throughout the community that supply clean water, all from the original well that was drilled in 2016.

E.P.I.C. has a really great relationship with the Village Chairman, Joel, as well as the Headmaster and teachers at Kitayawa Primary School. After the well was installed, Joel worked with the community to install new bathrooms at the school, to provide proper sanitation for the children and teachers. We conduct a Hygiene and Sanitation program each year, ensuring the that the new children understand how best to use the water provided by the well. We also teach the E.P.I.C. Leadership Program to the oldest children at the school each year, equipping them with the necessary skills to become young leaders in their community.

We have a very close bond with so many of the children and families in this village, because the community immediately embraced a sense of ownership with the project, and has a strong desire to continue growing with the support of E.P.I.C.

We have so much love for this village and the children and families that live in Kitayawa, and will continue to support further Community Growth and Development.

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