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Type of Well: Borehole with Indian Mark II Hand Pump

Approximate Number of People Served: 2000

Location: Mlanda, Tanzania, Africa

Date of Construction: August, 2017

Total Depth: 186 meters

Cost: $13,000

Drilling Company Used: Frederick Hydro Rocks

Water Condition Before And After the Well: Before drilling a well at the Primary School, women in the community collected water from hand dug wells that were filled with frogs and animal feces. Despite the condition of the water, the women sang the most heart-warming songs when collecting water for their daily use. This is common in Tanzania, and in every community the singing is beautiful, but for some reason, this particular village really touched us with their songs when we first did a Walk for Water with them. The whole community immediately embraced us, but some of the women took charge (Skola Kalolo, Rosa Kinyonge, Annette, and Jamila Msungu). They taught us the songs that they were singing, and it impacted us on another level.

Since drilling the well, the kids at the school have constant access to clean water, and the health and wellbeing of the entire community has improved. The children are getting higher grades in school, and the women have been able to form small businesses.

One of E.P.I.C.'s Founders, Tennille, was so moved by the women who were singing when collecting water from the original source, that she asked them if they would mind her using their vocals to create a song around them. After getting their permission, she was able to play one of the songs and videos for them the next time we returned to the village. You can watch the video, which features some of the women from the community, here.

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