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Project: School clean up and construction of school kitchen

Approximate Number of People Served: 2000

Location: Mshikamano, Tanzania, Africa

Cost: $6,000

Date of Completion: 2014

Community Development: E.P.I.C. served in cleaning up the school at Mshikamano through our Community Development program. Before we got there, one of the classrooms was being used as the kitchen, so smoke was going into the other classrooms while the children were working. We assisted with building a separate kitchen outside of the main school area, and turned the room that was being used for the kitchen into a library. We also cleaned all of the classrooms, put in new windows where there was broken glass, straightened out the flooring, sealed up the roof, put in new locks, and painted educational murals on the walls. We conducted the E.P.I.C. Leadership Program with the older students, preparing them for life after school, and spent an extensive amount of time in the community, working with the students and teachers to assist in providing a better learning environment.

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